Name of API: Phrase-jumble

Created by: Molino de Ideas
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This service automatically generates new phrases by randomly combining 2 idiomatic expressions, as long as their structures agree with each other.

Type of Method: Get
Version: 1.0.0
Last Updated: October 2012

Example of Entry

Example of Result


<refran1><parte1>el perro es el mejor amigo</parte1>

<parte2>del hombre</parte2></refran1>


<parte1>lo mejor es enemigo</parte1>

<parte2>de lo bueno</parte2>




Entry Parameters

The mixing or ‘jumbling’ together of phrases is random, so we therefore do not have to specify any entry parameters.


The result is the command <mezclaRefranBean> that is formed by two objects, refran1 and refran2, both of which have the same structure:

Name <refran1>
Type Object
Description The part that contains the first and second halves of the expression
Example <refran1><parte1>excusatio non petita</parte1><parte2>accusatio manifiesta</parte2></refran1>

El objeto <refran> a su vez está formado por parte1 y parte2:

Name <parte1>
Type String
Description Each of the two parts that forms the expression
Ejemplo <parte1>el perro es el mejor amigo</parte1>
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