Name of API: Word Frequency Calculator

Created by: Molino de Ideas

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Word Frequency Calculator finds out the frequency of a word in relation to its use or appearance in texts. It calculates the number of times that the word entered appears per every million words used.
Type of Method: Get
Version: 1.0.0


Last Updated: October 2012

Example of Entry{palabra}{palabra}


Example of Result



Entry Parameters

Parameter 1

Name Palabra
Type String
Description The word for which we want to find the frequency of use
Example madre




The result is the command <palabraValorBean> which is formed by:

Name <palabra>
Type String
Description The word which has been used to calculate the frequency of use
Example <palabra>madre</palabra>
Name <valor>
Type Double
Description The value which indicates the frequency of use of the word entered per one million words
Example <valor>286.42</valor>


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