Name of API: Word Hunter

Created by: Molino de Ideas

To use this API you can subscribe to it on the Apicultur Store.


The price list for the API can be found here: Text.


Word Hunter provides you with a list of words belonging to a certain grammatical category taken from a text you have entered.
Type of Method: Get
Version: 1.0.0


Last Updated: October 2012

Example of Entry{texto}/{categoría}{texto}/{categoría}

Example of Result








Entry Parameters

Parameter 1

Name texto
Type String
Description The text that we want to use to extract words belonging to a certain grammatical category
Example A los españoles y portugueses que pagan los desaguisados de otros: es la hora de no imponer solo austeridad

Parameter 2

Name categoría
Type String
Description The grammatical category that we want to use to find words in the text
Values adjetivos; adverbios; contracción; nombres; verbos; pronombres; conjunciones; interjecciones; preposiciones; artículos; onomatopeyas
Example verbos


The result is the command <listIntegerBean> which is formed by:

Name <elemento>
Type Object
Description Contains the position of the words in the text that belong to the specified grammatical category. There will be as many commands of <elemento> as there are words in the text for the category entered as a parameter.



Name <valor>
Type Integer
Description Determines the position of the word belonging to the stated category within the text
Values The position of the word. The first word of the text takes the value “0”.
Example <valor>2</valor>
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