Here you can find the part of speech coding used in the APIs by Molino de Ideas.

Code Classic POS Molino de Ideas POS
1 Qualifying adjective Qualifying adjective
2 Adverb Adverb
3 Preposition+article contraction Preposition+article contraction
4 Noun Noun
5 Verb (all forms) Verb (conjugated forms)
6 Pronoun Pronoun
7 Conjunction Conjunction
8 Interjection Interjection
9 Preposition Preposition
13 Participles used as adjectives
14 Infintives or gerunds forms with pronouns attached
15 Adverbs with the adj+mente structure
16 Article Article
17 Superlative adjective
18 Diminutive adjective
19 Diminutive noun
20 Imperative verbs with attached pronouns
21 Diminutive participle
22 Morphological insults
23 Nouns with masc.&fem. form
24 Infintives
25 Gerund
26 Participle
27 Imperative verbs with no pronouns attached
28 Diminutive nouns that have masc&fem
29 Diminutive adverbs
30 Apposition
31 Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia
32 Words that are part of fixed expressions Words that are part of fixed expressions
33 Determinative adjective Determinative adjective
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