Name of API: Non-Repeated Words

Created by: Molino de Ideas

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The price list for the API can be found here: Text.


This tool provides you with a list of all the words in a text without repeating them, that is to say the word only appears once on the list, to give you an idea of the variety and richness of the vocabulary used in texts.
Type of Method: Get
Version: 1.0.0


Last Updated: September 2012

Example of Entry

  • hola mundo mundo bonito
  • hola mundo mundo bonito

Example of Result


<valor>hola </valor>

<valor>mundo </valor>


Entry Parameters

Parameter 1

Name Texto
Type String
Description The text that we want to analyse
Example hola hola mundo mundo bonito



The result is the command <IntegerBean> which is formed by:

Name <valor>
Type String
Description A list of every word in the text without showing any repetition
Values palabras
Example hola mundo bonito
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