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AuthorMolino de Ideas


Miniñol is a dictionary of 1000 indispensable Spanish words. Normally, when learning a language, we memorise long lists of words which is not always useful in helping us develop. Miniñol is a dictionary aimed at people who are just starting to learn Spanish. It only contains 1000 basic words which you’ll be able to use to communicate in (almost) any situation and be able to understand what is being said.

Moreover, the definitions provided in the Miniñol dictionary are written using these same 1000 basic dictionary words, that is to say, the same 1000 words in Miniñol are defined using words that can also be found in Miniñol.

When deciding which words to include in this dictionary, we took into account the frequency of the word, the complexity of its meaning, whether it is used as much in European Spanish as in its Latin American form, and whether it has a similar equivalent in other European languages, e.g. English, Italian, French, German or Portuguese.

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