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Refranario is a dictionary of the 300 most common Spanish expressions.

For every expression, a simple definition is provided (written using vocabulary from our Miniñol app) as well as an example of how to use it, other expressions which have a similar meaning, translations into English and German (if they exist), the recommended learning level (A/B/C) according to the difficulty of the expression, an audio recording of how to pronounce it, an image which demonstrates the meaning and variations of the expression (if there are any).

The search box offers the option of looking for an expression word-for-word (it uses the exact term or text that you have entered in the search box: if you enter “vivir”, it will only give you A vivir que son dos días and Compartir es vivir); or you can do a lemma search (which also retrieves inflected forms such as ¡Viva la Pepa! or Sólo se vive una vez).

Our APIs on Apicultur offer you:

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