Name of API: LematizadorMolino

Created byMolino de Ideas

To use this API you can subscribe to it on the Apicultur Store.


The lematiza-molino method gives you all the lemmas of a word that you have entered and their part of speech (according to the classification from Molino de Ideas).
Type of Method: Get
Version: 1.0.0

Last Updated: October 2012

Example of Entry{word}{word}

Example of Result


Entry Parameters

Parameter 1

Name word
Type String
Description The word that you want to lemmatize (the word which you want to find lemmas for)


The result is the JSON object that contains:

Name  "palabra"
Type String
Description The word that we want to lemmatize


Name  "lemas"
Type Array
Description List that contains all the possible lemmas for the entered word.


Name  "lema"
Type String
Description The lemma of the word entered


Name  "categoria"
Type Integer
Description Part of speech of the word entered (according to the Molino de Ideas classification)


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