Apicultur is a platform for APIs. At Apicultur you can essentially find linguistic APIs, that is to say, APIs that process and analyse texts and words. Some examples of the tasks that these APIs carry out include conjugating verbs from an infinitive, finding the lemma of words, transcribing a text using a phonetic alphabet, analysing from a morphological viewpoint etc. All these functions can be incorporated into other applications thanks to the API.

At the Apicultur Store, you can take a look at the different APIs that are available and search through them according to different categories. If you click on one, you will be able to see a brief description about how the API works, the entrance URL and details about the owner, as well as comments about the API left by other users and the ranking that they have given it. On the “Documentation” screen, you can look at all the information needed to use the API.

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