Our commitment with you

Identity. You are not our customer, you are our partner. We want you to be as successful as possible and that you have the best tools.

Equality. All users will be treated the same way. Therefore, all partners will have access to the same service. There will be no especial fees or offers. You are all important to us.

Loyalty. We will always keep the same prices. If there are any changes, you will always have the chance of keeping the old price if you don’t think the new fees are convenient for you.

Security. All our APIs will be available for at least three years. We will not eliminate services, even if we create new and more complete ones. The old versions will always be available.

Empathy. If you believe that we could build an API with our technology, we will build it for you asap or we will explain why we can’t build it.

Justice. We support and help groups and communities that are having a hard time. You also contribute through your payments to make the world a better place.

Community. We are one big happy family and we believe in our community. We expect you to get involve in the community, making the most of other’s knowledge and sharing your own. By supporting one another, everybody wins.

Freedom. You can leave anytime you want. If you signed a high load contract that involves a term, we expect you to keep your commitment.

Trust. If you believe that we made a billing error and we need some time to check it, we will return your money first by default until we figure out what happened.

To the infinity, and beyond! If in the future, for some unforeseeable reason we could not keep our business going and had to shut the platform, we will provide you with the code of our functions so you can install them in your server.

Your commitment with us

Honesty. Each app or website will have just one account at Apicultur. With your account, we offer you a monthly amount of free calls to our APIs. We give these calls to you as a gift because we trust you and we expect you to do a respectful and responsible use of them. If we realised that you default on this agreement and that the same user has several accounts for one service, we should be forced to close your account.


Enjoy the Apicultur experience and happy coding!

The Apicultur team

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